You know it already that the foundation of realization is over ten years of experience of our employees, their fascination for new technologies and skills which allow to use the potential with maximum effectiveness.

However, high quality of the service would not be possible without well-equipped machine park. We have number of binders, milling machines, lathes, grinders and other specialist devices for the purposes of metal, plastic and other material processing. Thanks to use of modern technologies based on computer technologies, we can guarantee keeping the highest precision and full aesthetic quality of the products.

Broad warehouse of bending tools let us perform tube and profile bending of various diameters and radius with no marks of material deformation. The Machine Park enables also heat and chemical treatment of details, including:

  • hardening
  • galvanic zincing
  • hot dip galvanizing
  • nitriding
  • various coating

BELOW You may find specifications of the machines applied in our work.

Vertical Machining Center Microcut VMC 1300

  • vertical spindle 10 000 rpm
  • drive power 15/22 kW,
  • X/Y/Z Rapid feed 24/24/24 mm/min
  • operating space: X 1300 mm | Y 710 mm | Z 710 mm,

  • tool store for 32 tools

CNC Industrial Milling Machine BFN 1006

  • vertical spindle 24 000 rpm
  • drive power 7 kW,
  • X/Y/Z Rapid feed 400 mm/min
  • operating space: X 1000 mm | Y 625 mm | Z 300 mm,
  • tool store for 6 tools

Milling Machine DMG DMC 635V eco

  • vertical spindle 8000 rpm,
  • drive power 9/13 kW,
  • speed of working feed XYZ – max. 20 000 mm/min.
  • XYZ rapid feed – 25 m/min,
  • operating space: X 635 mm | Y 510 mm | Z 460 mm,
  • tool store for 20 tools with a rapid double gripper.

CNC Doosan Lynx 220 Turning Center

  • max. turning spindle 6000 rpm
  • drive power 15 kW,
  • max. turning length: 600 mm,
  • max. turning diameter: 250 mm,
  • turning diameter (recommended): 170 mm,
  • through diameter: 510 mm,
  • max through spindle diameter 52 mm,
  • driven tools: 12 positions,
  • head: max. 24 tools.

Tube bender CNC70-MS-6A

  • for tubes of max. diameter 70×3 mm,
  • controlled in six axes,
  • equipped with a feed booster of 3 tones power and an axle booster of 2,5 tones power.

Machining centers in a form of lathes, milling machines, grinders, drilling machines