With our well-equipped machine park we can offer processing of the most commonly used materials. We are able to achieve fast, accurate and quality consistent products to meet even the highest expectations. We either use your technical documentation or create it on our own using your specifications.

Our offer


  • milling
  • turning
  • drilling
  • grinding
  • microglinding
  • chiseling
  • running in
  • milling of sprockets

Processed material:

  • ordinary steel
  • stainless steel
  • acid-resistant steel
  • aluminium
  • non-ferrous metal
  • plastic

Heat treating:

  • hardening
  • carburizing
  • nitro-carburizing
  • improving


  • galvanic zincing
  • hot dip galvanizing
  • passivation
  • nickel electroplating
  • chrome plating
  • copper plating


The simplest details or the most demanding devices? It makes no difference to us. High requirements in the automotive industry (which we have contact with) have contributed to implementation of a detailed control of our products at every stage of the production, regardless of functions and purposes of the products.